SpreadJS 14
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    GC.Spread.Sheets Namespace (SpreadJS)
    In This Topic
    Main namespace for SpreadJS.
    Represents a cell range in a sheet.
    Creates a ColorScheme instance.
    Defines the events supported in SpreadJS.
    Represents the license key for evaluation version and production version.
    Represents the line border for a border side.
    Represents a custom named expression that can be used by formulas.
    Represents a pivot table manager which can manage all pivot tables in a sheet.
    Represents an x- and y-coordinate pair in two-dimensional space.
    Represents a range, which is described by the row index, column index, row count, and column count.
    Represents a rectangle with a special location, and its width and height in two-dimensional space.
    Represents the style for a cell, row, and column.
    Represents a color scheme.
    Represents the theme color of built-in themes.
    Represents all built-in themes.
    Represents a spreadsheet with the specified hosted DOM element or DOM id and options setting.
    Represents a worksheet.
    Represents whether the component automatically resizes cells or headers.
    Specifies the type of cellbutton.
    Specifies the position of cellbutton.
    Specifies the visibility of cellbutton.
    Specifies the calendar's default page.
    Specifies the calendar's start day.
    Specifies the position of caption.
    Specifies the type of CellState.
    Specifies the type of clearing pending change.
    Specifies what data is pasted from the Clipboard.
    Specifies which headers are included when data is copied to or pasted.
    Specifies the copy to option.
    Specifies the cell value type of dropdown list result.
    Specifies the type of dropdown.
    Specifies the editor status.
    Specifies the method when sort with group.
    Specifies which default labels are displayed in headers.
    Specifies which headers are included when export range data to HTML.
    Specifies the horizontal alignment.
    Specifies the horizontal position of the cell or column in the component.
    Present the way that user open the hyperlinked document. Default is blank.
    Defines the background image layout.
    Defines the IME mode to control the state of the Input Method Editor (IME).
    Specifies paste the direction of the insertion finger.
    Identifies which operation was invalid.
    Specifies the cell label position.
    Specifies the cell label visibility.
    Specifies the layout direction.
    Specifies the layout display.
    Specifies the line drawing style for the border.
    Change display mode when date/number data width longer than column width.
    Specifies the cell value type of dropdown list result.
    Defines the type of action that raised the RangeChanged event.
    Specifies the formula reference style.
    Specifies the way resizing use.
    Specifies the drawing policy of the row or column when it is resized to zero.
    Specifies the appearance of both vertical and horizontal scrollbar.
    Specifies how users can select items in the control.
    Specifies the smallest unit users or the application can select.
    Specifies the sheet area.
    Present the type of sheet tab.
    Defines how the resize tip is displayed.
    Specifies how the scroll tip is displayed.
    Specifies the type of sorting to perform.
    Specifies the type of row and column state.
    Represents the storage data type.
    Specifies the position of the tab strip relative to the workbook.
    Defines the type of the text decoration.
    Specifies cell value's type.
    Defines the type of the text vertAlign.
    Specifies the vertical alignment.
    Specifies the vertical position of the cell or row in the component.

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