SpreadJS 14
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    Getting Started
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    System Requirements

    SpreadJS widget requires one of the following browsers:

    The browser must support HTML5.

    The client-side Excel import and export requires IE10+.


    Install SpreadJS

    The default SpreadJS folders (Windows only):

    Install Directory File Description
    \SpreadJS.xxxx Main directory for product
    \SpreadJS.xxxx\css CSS files
    \SpreadJS.xxxx\definition GC.spread.sheets.d.ts TypeScript API definition file
    \SpreadJS.xxxx\samples Sample pages for the widget
    \SpreadJS.xxxx\scripts gc.spread.sheets.all.xxxx.min Minimized js file for widget which includes all functions without plugins.
    \SpreadJS.xxxx\scripts\modules modules js files
    \SpreadJS.xxxx\scripts\interop gc.spread.excelio.xxxxx.min Client-side Excel import and export support files
    \SpreadJS.xxxx\scripts\interop gc.spread.sheets.migration.xxxxx.min Migration file for backward compatibility
    \SpreadJS.xxxx\scripts\interop\angularjs gc.spread.sheets.angularjs.xxxxx.min AngularJS support files
    \SpreadJS.xxxx\scripts\interop\angular gc.spread.sheets.angular.xxxxx.min Angular support files
    \SpreadJS.xxxx\scripts\interop\react gc.spread.sheets.react.xxxxx.min React support file
    \SpreadJS.xxxx\scripts\interop\vuejs gc.spread.sheets.vue.xxxxx.min Vue support file
    \SpreadJS.xxxx\scripts\resources ja\gc.spread.sheets.resources.ja.xxxxx.min
    Japanese, Chinese, and Korean resource files
    \SpreadJS.xxxx\scripts\plugins gc.spread.sheets.barcode.xxxxx.min.js
    The Barcode, Chart, Print, Shapes, and Client-side PDF export plugins files.

    Install SpreadJS Designer

    1. Save the downloaded ZIP file (SpreadJSDesigner.zip) to a temporary directory on your system, and then unzip the files to a directory.
    2. Run the setup file for your environment.
    3. Run the designer, select the lock icon, and enter your license key to unlock the SpreadJS Designer.
    Platform Setup
    Windows SpreadJS-Designer.x.x.x.exe
    Mac SpreadJS-Designer.x.x.x.dmg
    Linux SpreadJS-Designer.x.x.x.AppImage

    The default SpreadJS designer folder:

    Install Directory Description
    %Program Files (x86)%\GrapeCity\SpreadJS Designer\x.x.x Designer directory for product

    Refer to Trial Version and Licensing Information for licensing information.