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    Hyperlinks on Shapes
    In This Topic

    SpreadJS allows you to add hyperlinks on shapes, connector shapes, or group shapes as well. They are supported for JSON and Excel I/O too.

    hyperlinks in shapes

    Add Hyperlinks

    You can add hyperlinks on shapes by using hyperlink method which accepts the following settings as an array object:

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    // add hyperlink to shape
    var circle = sheet.shapes.add("circle", GC.Spread.Sheets.Shapes.AutoShapeType.oval, 40, 60, 100, 100);
    circle.text("Visit Google");
    circle.hyperlink({url: "http://www.google.com", tooltip: 'go to google'});

    If a new hyperlink is set on an existing shape hyperlink, the old hyperlink data is lost and replaced by new hyperlink data.

    You can also pass a command string or function in hyperlink data to perform any custom operation on clicking the shape hyperlink. The below example code adds a rectangle shape and creates a custom stopwatch hyperlink over it.

    Custom hyperlink function in shapes

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    var rect3 = sheet.shapes.add("rectangle3", GC.Spread.Sheets.Shapes.AutoShapeType.roundedRectangle, 261, 188, 280, 140);
    // Creating custom hyperlink for a stopwatch command
    var stopWatch = new Stopwatch(rect3);   // Stopwatch() is a function created containing simple stopwatch commands
        command: function () {
            if (!stopWatch.started) {
            } else {
    rect3.text('Click here to start a timer');
    var style = rect3.style();
    style.fill.type = 0;
    style.line.color = "rgb(11,116,77)";
    style.textEffect.color = "rgb(11,116,77)";
    style.textFrame.hAlign = 1;
    style.textFrame.vAlign = 1;
    style.textEffect.font = "22px Calibri"

    Note: While performing JSON I/O, the function is lost if it is passed to the command property in hyperlink data. Hence, it is recommended to use commands instead of functions.

    Edit Hyperlinks

    You can get the information of an existing hyperlink by using hyperlink method without any arguments. This lets you edit the existing object data and sets the changed data to the method again.

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    // get existing shape hyperlink info
    var circleLink = circle.hyperlink();            
    circleLink.url = "www.google.co.in";
    // set it to new hyperlink

    Note: If you do not set the changed hyperlink data back to the methd, the shape hyperlink uses the original data.

    Remove Hyperlinks

    You can remove hyperlinks from shapes by calling the hyperlink method with null argument.

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    // delete shape hyperlink

    Usage Scenario

    Consider a use-case scenario where an interactive quarterly sales analysis report needs to be created. The report contains the sales dashboard in one worksheet and quarterly data in different worksheets. The quick navigation between different worksheets becomes very convenient by using hyperlinks.

    hyperlink usage scenario in shapes

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    // add shapes in Dashboard for different quarters
    var Q1shape = sheetDashboard.shapes.add("Q1shape", GC.Spread.Sheets.Shapes.AutoShapeType.pentagon, 30, 60, 100, 100);
    Q1shape.text("Quarter 1");
    Q1shape.hyperlink({ url: "sjs://Sheet2!A1", tooltip: 'Go to Quarter 1' });
    var Q2shape = sheetDashboard.shapes.add("Q2shape", GC.Spread.Sheets.Shapes.AutoShapeType.pentagon, 140, 60, 100, 100);
    Q2shape.text("Quarter 2");
    Q2shape.hyperlink({ url: "sjs://Sheet3!A1", tooltip: 'Go to Quarter 2' });
    var Q3shape = sheetDashboard.shapes.add("Q3shape", GC.Spread.Sheets.Shapes.AutoShapeType.pentagon, 250, 60, 100, 100);
    Q3shape.text("Quarter 3");
    Q3shape.hyperlink({ url: "sjs://Sheet4!A1", tooltip: 'Go to Quarter 3' });
    var Q4shape = sheetDashboard.shapes.add("Q4shape", GC.Spread.Sheets.Shapes.AutoShapeType.pentagon, 360, 60, 100, 100);
    Q4shape.text("Quarter 4");
    Q4shape.hyperlink({ url: "sjs://Sheet5!A1", tooltip: 'Go to Quarter 4' });
    // add shapes in different sheets for previous and next buttons
    var BackToDashboardQ1 = sheet1.shapes.add("BackToDashboard", GC.Spread.Sheets.Shapes.AutoShapeType.rectangle,210, 500, 164, 35);
    BackToDashboardQ1.hyperlink({ url: 'sjs://Sheet1!A1', tooltip: ' Go to Dashboard' });
    var RightArrowNextQ1 = sheet1.shapes.add("RightArrowNextQ1", GC.Spread.Sheets.Shapes.AutoShapeType.rightArrowCallout, 400, 500, 164, 35);
    RightArrowNextQ1.hyperlink({ url: 'sjs://Sheet3!A1', tooltip: 'Go Next Quarter - Q2' });
    var LeftArrowPreviousQ2 = sheet2.shapes.add("LeftArrowPreviousQ2", GC.Spread.Sheets.Shapes.AutoShapeType.leftArrowCallout, 20, 500, 164, 35);
    LeftArrowPreviousQ2.hyperlink({ url: 'sjs://Sheet2!A1', tooltip: 'Go to Previous Quarter Q1' });
    var BackToDashboardQ2 = sheet2.shapes.add("BackToDashboard", GC.Spread.Sheets.Shapes.AutoShapeType.rectangle,210, 500, 164, 35);
    BackToDashboardQ2.hyperlink({ url: 'sjs://Sheet1!A1', tooltip: ' Go to Dashboard' });
    var RightArrowNextQ2 = sheet2.shapes.add("RightArrowNextQ2", GC.Spread.Sheets.Shapes.AutoShapeType.rightArrowCallout, 400, 500, 164, 35);
    RightArrowNextQ2.hyperlink({ url: 'sjs://Sheet4!A1', tooltip: 'Go to Next Quarter - Q3' });
    var LeftArrowPreviousQ3 = sheet3.shapes.add("LeftArrowPreviousQ3", GC.Spread.Sheets.Shapes.AutoShapeType.leftArrowCallout, 20, 500, 164, 35);
    LeftArrowPreviousQ3.hyperlink({ url: 'sjs://Sheet3!A1', tooltip: 'Go to Previous Quarter Q2' });
    var BackToDashboardQ3 = sheet3.shapes.add("BackToDashboard", GC.Spread.Sheets.Shapes.AutoShapeType.rectangle,210, 500, 164, 35);
    BackToDashboardQ3.hyperlink({ url: 'sjs://Sheet1!A1', tooltip: ' Go to Dashboard' });
    var RightArrowNextQ3 = sheet3.shapes.add("RightArrowNextQ3", GC.Spread.Sheets.Shapes.AutoShapeType.rightArrowCallout, 400, 500, 164, 35);
    RightArrowNextQ3.hyperlink({ url: 'sjs://Sheet5!A1', tooltip: 'Go to Next Quarter - Q4' });
    var LeftArrowPreviousQ4 = sheet4.shapes.add("LeftArrowPreviousQ4", GC.Spread.Sheets.Shapes.AutoShapeType.leftArrowCallout, 20, 500, 164, 35);
    LeftArrowPreviousQ4.hyperlink({ url: 'sjs://Sheet4!A1', tooltip: 'Go to Previous Quarter Q3' });
    var BackToDashboardQ4 = sheet4.shapes.add("BackToDashboard", GC.Spread.Sheets.Shapes.AutoShapeType.rectangle,210, 500, 164, 35);
    BackToDashboardQ4.hyperlink({ url: 'sjs://Sheet1!A1', tooltip: ' Go to Dashboard' });

    Using SpreadJS Designer

    You can add hyperlinks on shapes by accessing the 'Hyperlink' dialog in the Spread designer. Right-click on the shape to select the 'Link' option from the context menu or click 'Hyerlink' in the ribbon to open 'Hyperlink' dialog.

    The 'Hyperlink' dialog displays options to set URL, target, and screen tip.

    hyperink dialog in SpreadJS designer

    You can edit or remove the shape hyperlinks by choosing the respective options from context menu after right-clicking the selected shape.

    hyperlink edit and remove option in shape context menu

    You can also move or resize a shape containing hyperlink by right-clicking the shape to select it and then using the move pointer to move or resize it.

    resize or move shape containing hyperlink