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    Logical Functions
    In This Topic

    Spread provides the following logical functions, listed alphabetically.

    Function Description
    AND Check whether all arguments are True, and returns True if all arguments are True.
    FALSE This function returns the value for logical FALSE.
    IF This function performs a comparison and returns one of two provided values based on that comparison.
    IFERROR This function evaluates a formula and returns a value you provide if there is an error or the formula result.
    IFNA This function returns the value you specify if the formula returns the #N/A error value, otherwise returns the result of the formula.
    IFS This function checks whether one or more conditions are met and returns a value that corresponds to the first TRUE condition.
    NOT This function reverses the logical value of its argument.
    OR This function calculates logical OR. It returns TRUE if any of its arguments are true; otherwise, returns FALSE if all arguments are false.
    SWITCH This function evaluates one value (called the expression) against a list of values, and returns the result corresponding to the first matching value. If there is no match, an optional default value may be returned.
    TRUE This function returns the value for logical TRUE.
    XOR This function returns a logical exclusive or of all arguments.