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    Table Slicer Styles
    In This Topic

    You can use a built-in style or set a style for specific areas such as the header.

    Built-in style for a header

    Refer to the SlicerStyles class for a list of built-in styles. Refer to the SlicerStyle class for a list of specific areas and the SlicerStyleInfo class for the styles that can be changed. Use the SlicerBorder class to create a border for a style.

    Using Code

    This example creates a table and adds a slicer with a header style.

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    //create a table
    datas = [
        ["1", "NewYork", "1968/6/8", "80", "180"],
        ["4", "NewYork", "1972/7/3", "72", "168"],
        ["4", "NewYork", "1964/3/2", "71", "179"],
        ["5", "Washington", "1972/8/8","80", "171"],
        ["6", "Washington", "1986/2/2", "89", "161"],
        ["7", "Washington", "2012/2/15", "71", "240"]];
    var table = activeSheet.tables.addFromDataSource("table1", 2, 2, datas);
    dataColumns = ["Name", "City", "Birthday", "Weight", "Height"];
    table.setColumnName(0, dataColumns[0]);
    table.setColumnName(1, dataColumns[1]);
    table.setColumnName(2, dataColumns[2]);
    table.setColumnName(3, dataColumns[3]);
    table.setColumnName(4, dataColumns[4]);
    var hstyle = new GC.Spread.Sheets.Slicers.SlicerStyleInfo();
    var style1 = new GC.Spread.Sheets.Slicers.SlicerStyle();
    //add a slicer to the sheet and return the slicer instance.
    var slicer = activeSheet.slicers.add("slicer1",table.name(),"Name");
    //change the slicer properties.
    slicer.position(new GC.Spread.Sheets.Point(100, 200));