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    SpreadJS Designer Components
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    SpreadJS provides a set of designer components which can be embedded in your web application in addition to the spreadsheet component. These components provide you the flexibility to customize a spreadsheet easily in a few clicks. The designer components include ribbon, formula bar, status bar, side panel and context menu. These components can also be embedded to React, Angular or Vue frameworks by using the respective wrappers.

    Please note that this is separate from the SpreadJS Designer application that can be installed on your machine and allows you to customize the spreadsheet templates.

    The built-in dialogs and options in SpreadJS designer components can be used to define minute details like hyperlink's link color, cell padding, spreadsheet settings etc. You can also customize the designer components by adding new buttons or tabs or customizing the existing ones. 

    Note: SpreadJS Designer Components require a separate deployment license to deploy this functionality in your own application(s). For more information on licensing, refer Getting Started.

    The below image shows the designer components integrated with a blank spreadsheet component.



    To learn more about the designer components, refer to the following topics:

    Topic Content
    Getting Started Installation files and license information to get started with designer components.
    Quick Start Step-by-step instructions to initialize designer components with a new and existing spreadsheet.
    Customizations Customize the designer components by adding, removing or overriding various commands.