JavaScript Spreadsheets to Create Fintech and Financial Applications

With SpreadJS’ expansive API and deep feature set, you’ll effortlessly create cloud-based custom accounting, risk analysis, and other financial reporting solutions.

  • Create spreadsheet applications for Budgeting and Forecasting, Auditing, Taxation, Financial Planning and Analysis, and more
  • Leverage the comprehensive API to automate repetitive accounting processes and better control risks
  • Write custom functions and algorithms to create "What if?" models and scenarios
  • Calculate risk-adjusted costs, income, and other financial calculations with the high-speed calculation engine
  • Create spreadsheet applications for Budgeting and Forecasting, Auditing, Taxation, Financial Planning and Analysis, and more
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Programming .NET?

Check out our .NET Spreadsheet solution

A Complete Financial Toolbox in One Spreadsheet Control

Use the extensive JavaScript spreadsheet API to collect and manage data and create custom analytics, dashboards, scientific, and financial applications.

Full Excel Compatibility and Powerful Calculation Engine With 500+ Functions

With full support for Excel import/export and more built-in functions than other JavaScript and custom spreadsheets, your computing power is optimized for big data and complex calculations.

Code-Free Extensibility and Customization With the Spread Designer Apps

Instantly add spreadsheets, charts, shapes, and tables to your financial dashboard with the SpreadJS Designer for desktop and web.

Browser and Platform-Independent

This client-side component works in Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS and is tested for all modern browsers.

Visual Insight With Sparklines, Charts, and Shapes

Your financial apps and dashboards have never been this personalized. Show trends with sparklines, dig into details with charts, and draw data flows with our 60+ built-in shapes—it’s up to you.

Pure JavaScript With TypeScript and Angular Support

With no external libraries or frameworks, like jQuery, your JavaScript spreadsheets are light, customizable, and straightforward in VSCode—and include support for Angular, React, and Vue.

Design Spreadsheets

Design JS Spreadsheets

Instantly design Excel-like JavaScript spreadsheets with the Web Designer.

Create Interactive JavaScript Dashboards

Create Interactive Dashboards

Easily create dashboards that quickly provide a snapshot of your business data.

JavaScript Financial Reports and Statements

Financial Reports and Statements

Create JavaScript Spreadsheets for financial, budgeting/forecasting, scientific, engineering, healthcare, insurance, and many other similar business applications.

Grid-Based Input Forms

Grid-Based Input Forms

Easily create complex data input and other similar structured forms that users can complete online.

JavaScript Sparklines


Visualize data with dozens of charts and elements.

JavaScript Custom Shapes

Custom Shapes

Use custom and data driven shapes to create interactive applications, such as a car insurance claim.

JavaScript Business Dashboard

Business Dashboards

Create business dashboards for your JavaScript applications, such as presenting a retail metric summary.

JavaScript Business Report

Business Report

Create business reports for your JavaScript applications, such as an account receivable report.

JavaScript Healthcare Medical Dashboard

Healthcare Medical Dashboard

Create dashboards for your JavaScript applications, such as a medical or healthcare summary.

Build Your JavaScript Financial App With a Broad Feature Set

Advanced Calculations

SpreadJS includes a comprehensive Calculation Engine that supports 500+ built-in functions, custom functions, arrays, dynamic arrays, formula textbox, localized languages function names, and more⁠—helping to create any financial formula.


SpreadJS provides support for 11 chart groups, 30+ chart types, trendlines, and combo charts. Set chart layouts, customize elements, and combine chart types to evaluate financial information, perform stock analysis, present sales revenues, and much more.

No-code Design with Spread Designers

Take full control over your spreadsheet's design with the SpreadJS Designer. Create workbooks from scratch or import your own Excel .xlsx files. Edit in an Excel-like WYSIWYG interface to help you create financial apps in no time.


Tables make it easier to manage and analyze related spreadsheet data. SpreadJS supports AutoExpand, conditional formatting, data validation, context menus, fixed headers, table resizing, navigation, a total summary row, and more.

Import and Export Excel Files

Complete support for importing and exporting your Excel files. Load your most complex Excel (.xlsx) files, make changes, and export back to an Excel file or save to a database.


Sparklines provide a graphical representation of your data embed. These small sparkline charts enable any cell to quickly show trends in your data, such as increases and decreases, minimum and maximum values, stock levels, costs, and more.


Use the built-in Excel-like filter dialog to allow users to automatically filter data. Take advantage of creating custom filters to show and hide relevant data based on your application's needs.

Cell Types

SpreadJS includes various cell types that you can apply to any cell. Define the type of information that can be entered and displayed in any cell or use predefined dropdowns to make it easier for users to select and enter valid data.

Conditional Formatting

Use conditional formatting to highlight important information automatically or spot trends in your data using specific values. SpreadJS supports the importing and exporting of many of Excels' rules.


Similar to filters, Excel-like slicers offer an intuitive, visual way to filter spreadsheet data. Available slicers include table, item, chart, aggregation, and custom slicers such as those used on consumer websites.

Dynamic and Spilled Arrays

Dynamic array support is used to replace the array formula. Formulas with the potential to return multiple results refer to a dynamic array formula. Formulas returning numerous results are referred to as spilled array formulas. Use these to seamlessly build financial models within your spreadsheets.

Formula Auditing

SpreadJS provides extensive support for formula auditing. This allows users to display relationships between formulas and cells by tracing the precedent and dependent cells in the worksheet.

SpreadJS Desktop Designer

SpreadJS Desktop Designer

The SpreadJS Designer, included with the licensed product and trial, is a very powerful WYSIWYG stand-alone desktop application that helps JavaScript developers quickly design spreadsheets using a familiar interface.

  • Create and design new spreadsheets
  • Import your existing Excel files and make any needed changes
  • Create templates that populate data at run-time
  • Export your finished spreadsheet to .ssjson or .xlsx to load into your SpreadJS application
Online Spread Designer Demo

Online Spread Designer Demo

This demo uses the developer SpreadJS Designer and brings it to the web so you can experience the Designer right in your browser. Optimized to work within your browser for large and complex spreadsheet models, you can secure, manage, control, and help eliminate risk while keeping the same spreadsheet functionality and ease of use for your end-users love online.

Test out our extensive and powerful calculation engine, allowing you to import your own Excel spreadsheets in our application and create custom functions, dynamic arrays, and 500+ other built-in functions. Our WYSIWYG SpreadJS Designer uses a very familiar UI to ensure that there is no learning curve required, just load in your existing Excel .xlsx template files and start being productive immediately.

Experience 11 chart groups, 30+ chart types, trendlines, and combo charts designed to help you visualize your data. Create custom chart layouts and combine various chart types to better evaluate information.

Spreadsheet Designer Component

Spreadsheet Designer Component

The SpreadJS Designer Component is a separate deployment add-on package that gives JavaScript developers the ability to embed this same ribbon bar and UI functionality into their own web applications making it easy for their customers to customize the spreadsheet.

The Designer includes Angular, React, and Vue wrappers, which provide you with the ability to embed the designer into your Angular, React, or Vue projects easily. Using the Designer in these frameworks is as simple as referencing the required node packages, importing the required modules, and implementing the required framework script code to initialize the designer.

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