A PivotTable is a powerful data summarizing and reporting tool that allows you to organize, extract and analyze large amounts of data quickly. Improve your business intelligence by visualizing complex data, discover trends, and uncover data information that otherwise may be very difficult to answer by looking at the data itself.

SpreadJS provides support for PivotTables to allow your users to analyze data in their JavaScript spreadsheets quickly. Work with the field and panel features to generate fast, easy-to-read reports in seconds. SpreadJS PivotTables utilize a familiar UI that users recognize, allowing you to organize and summarize data using the built-in aggregations, pivot table field lists, and calculated fields. Fully customize your application's needs and let SpreadJS PivotTables perform the complex interactive analysis for your applications.

Our JavaScript Pivot Tables are the easiest and most effective ways to analyze complex data set. Check out real-world use cases to solve complex data reports.

JavaScript Pivot Tables Top Features

Below are some features you can use to implement various use cases, providing unparalleled customization and data analysis.


Provide the ability to modify the standard PivotTable presentation with specific parameters. Customize the appearance of the control filters, rows, columns, headers and to any extent programmatically.

JavaScript Pivot Table Customization
JavaScript Spreadsheet XLSX Pivot Table Layout

Report Layout

Three different report layout options to choose from:

  • Compact Form
  • Outline Form
  • Tabular Form
Use the dropdown menu in the demo below to change the layout that best fits your JavaScript reporting needs.


In a PivotTable, fields are arranged using the PivotTable panel. The arrangement and settings determine the final result of the PivotTable. Choose various fields to add to your report based on the contents of your data source. Simply drag-and-drop the different fields within the panel to customize the control.

JavaScript Spreadsheet XLSX Pivot Table Panels
JavaScript Spreadsheet XLSX Pivot Table Themes


PivotTable includes 85 visual themes in three varieties of light, medium, and dark; giving your users the flexibility to customize the PivotTable to fit their company's color scheme. Try changing the themes using the demo below.


The placement and order in each area of a PivotTable's fields affect the overall appearance. Users can drag the field values up or down within the areas to adjust which data appears first in the PivotTable. PivotTables supports Label Filters, Value Filters, Sorting, Group and Collapse functions, and more.

JavaScript Spreadsheet XLSX Pivot Table Fields
PivotTable Views


Leverage the power to create, manage, and save views of a PivotTable with the View Manager. A view is the state of a PivotTable saved at a specific moment and using the View Manager.

Conditional Rules

Similar to the base SpreadJS Conditional Formatting implementation, PivotTable also supports conditional rules. These can be set on specific dimensions, and no matter how the layout of the PivotTable is changed, those conditional rules will still be applied to the specified dimensions.

JavaScript PivotTable for Tax Information
JavaScript PivotTable for Tax Information


PivotTable supports printing with different options. Include the expand/collapse icons, repeat row labels on each PivotTable, and set print titles.

Context Menu

SpreadJS provides a context menu specific to PivotTables, giving your customers full control over different properties of a PivotTable. Control refreshing the PivotTable, removing data, adding summarizing data, change how values are shown, show PivotTable details in a separate sheet, and change the settings of value fields, all with a single right-click in the PivotTable.

JavaScript Pivot Tables Context Menu

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