Quickly Design Spreadsheets Using the SpreadJS Designers

As a developer, use the Desktop Spreadsheet Designer application to easily design your workbooks and templates with a simple interface that uses all of the SpreadJS features. Add additional functionality and code to the spreadsheet after loading the template in your application.

You can offer this same functionality to your users using the Spreadsheet Designer Component, allowing them to create and design their spreadsheets specific to your application's needs.

JavaScript Spreadsheet Designer Component

JavaScript Spreadsheet Designer Component

The SpreadJS Designer Component is a separate deployment add-on package that provides JavaScript developers the ability to embed the same ribbon bar and UI functionality into their web applications, making it easy for customers to customize the spreadsheet.

You can add, remove, re-arrange buttons, tabs, and designer sections by adding, removing, or moving corresponding entries in the configuration file.

Custom commands, icons, and CSS can be added to customize buttons to look and perform specific actions that you define in your script code, such as displaying your message or interacting with your business logic.

Grant or restrict access to features or tabs that users can access based on your custom logic to satisfy any business requirements.

The designer includes Angular, React, and Vue wrappers, which provide you with the ability to embed the designer into your framework-specific projects quickly. Using the designer is as simple as referencing the required node packages, importing modules, and implementing the necessary framework script code to initialize the designer.

To interact with and customize the Designer: Component, open the downloaded SpreadJS zip file and navigate to the Designer\Designer Component folder, for example \Designer\Designer Component\samples\purejs\index.html

Learn more about how to customize in the Documentation

Visit the SpreadJS pricing page to learn more about the pricing or by contacting sales

Desktop Spreadsheet Designer Application

Desktop Spreadsheet Designer Application

The SpreadJS Designer, included with the licensed product and trial, is a compelling WYSIWYG stand-alone desktop application that helps JavaScript developers quickly design spreadsheets in a fraction of the time with the point and click interface vs. manually writing code.

Fully design templates via the WYSIWYG interface complete with formulas, cell styles and formatting, cell type, column widths, row heights, borders, and images. Dynamically populate the cell values from your preferred data source once you save the finished .json or .xlsx file and load at runtime.

Create template sheets to set and save cell-level data binding within your template (found within the "Design Mode" section of the "Data" tab).

Here, you can create a template for your data, add fields, change data types, and click and drag specific fields into cells within your template workbook.

Open any existing Excel files, make changes, save, and load the file in SpreadJS at runtime.

The interface is very similar to Excel, increased comfortability, and productivity in designing your SpreadJS spreadsheets today.

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Online Spread Designer Demo

Online Spread Designer Demo

This demo uses the developer SpreadJS Designer and brings it to the web to experience the Designer right in your browser.

Test out our extensive and powerful calculation engine, allowing you to import your own Excel spreadsheets in our application and create custom functions, dynamic arrays, and 500+ other built-in functions. Our WYSIWYG SpreadJS Designer uses a very familiar UI to ensure no learning curve is required; load in your existing Excel .xlsx template files and start being productive immediately.

Experience 11 chart groups, 30+ chart types, trendlines, and combo charts designed to help you visualize your data. Create custom chart layouts and combine various chart types to evaluate information better.

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<a href="/blogs/spreadjs-release-v-13-1">What's New in SpreadJS v14</a>

What's New in SpreadJS v14

SpreadJS v14 is available. This release offers several great new features including:

  • .NET 5.0 and .NET Core 3.1 Windows Forms Controls
  • Cell Data Types for .NET Objects
  • Hyperlink Enhancements
  • LET Function and Formula Performance Optimizations
  • Show Formulas
  • Edit Points to Create Custom Shapes
  • Enhanced Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Multiple Sheet Select

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