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In This Topic
    In This Topic

    This function calculates a future value using existing values.




    This function has these arguments:

    Argument Description
    value Value for which to predict the future dependent value
    Yarray An array of known dependent values (y’s)
    Xarray An array of known independent values (x’s)


    The predicted value is a y value for a given x value. The known values are existing x values and y values, and the new value is predicted by using linear regression. You can use this function to predict future sales, inventory requirements, or consumer trends.

    This function is calculated as follows:

    FORECAST Equation

    where v is the value argument, Y is the Yarray argument, X is the Xarray argument, and n is the size of the arrays.

    Data Types

    Accepts numeric data for all arguments. Returns numeric data.




    FORECAST(45,{53000,57000,58000,69000,74500,55620,80000, 68700},{35,31,47,51,37,31,58,39}) gives the result 67060.8665320360

    Version Available

    This function is available in product version 1.0 or later.

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