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In This Topic
    In This Topic

    This function wraps the provided row or column of values by columns after a specified number of elements to form a new array.


    =WRAPCOLS(vector, wrap_count, [pad_with])


    The function has the following arguments:




    The vector or reference to wrap.
    wrap_count The maximum number of values for each column.

    [Optional] The value with which to pad. The default is #N/A.


    The elements of the vector are placed into a 2-dimensional array by column. Each column has wrap_count elements. The column is padded with pad_with if there are insufficient elements to fill it. If wrap_count is greater or equal to the number of elements in vector, then the vector is simply returned as the result of the function.

    Data Types

    The function returns an array, the type of each value in the array depends on the parameter.


    Version Available

    This function is available in product version 16.0 or later.

    Note: The WRAPCOLS function is only available in Beta Insiders builds of Excel for Office 365 currently. Hence, without the Beta Insiders build you cannot import/export the XLSX using this function from/to Excel.