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In This Topic
    ConditionalStyleInfo Class
    In This Topic
    Represents a special AppearanceStyleInfo that can customize the style using the specified condition.
    Public NotInheritable Class ConditionalStyleInfo 
       Inherits AppearanceStyleInfo
       Implements FarPoint.Win.ICanSerializeXml, FarPoint.Win.ISerializeSupport 
    Dim instance As ConditionalStyleInfo
    The cell can display different styles in different conditions using ConditionalStyleInfo. For example, there is a cell that displays a number. You may want the cell to have a "Red" forecolor when the cell value is negative. You can set a ConditionalStyleInfo to the cell's Cell.Style property. The ConditionalStyleInfo should contain a ConditionalStyleItem whose ConditionalStyleItem.Operator is ConditionalStyleOperator.LessThan, whose ConditionalStyleItem.Value1 is 0, and whose ConditionalStyleItem.CellStyle is a "Red" forecolor.
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