Spread Windows Forms 15.0
GrapeCity.CalcEngine Assembly / GrapeCity.CalcEngine Namespace / IEvaluationContext Interface / CastToLong Method
The System.Double value.

In This Topic
    CastToLong Method
    In This Topic
    Casts the specified System.Double value to System.Int64 value.
    Function CastToLong( _
       ByVal value As Double _
    ) As Long
    Dim instance As IEvaluationContext
    Dim value As Double
    Dim value As Long
    value = instance.CastToLong(value)
    long CastToLong( 
       double value


    The System.Double value.

    Return Value

    The corresponding System.Int64 value. Error will be set to CalcError.Number if the System.Double value cannot be casted.
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