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    SheetView Collection Editor
    In This Topic

    You can customize the collection of sheets with the SheetView Collection Editor of the Spread Designer. To launch the SheetView Collection Editor, select the Spread (from the selection drop-down list, select Spread), and in the Properties window with the Spread selected, in the Data category, select Sheets and click on the button. The SheetView Collection Editor appears. This figure shows the editor with one sheet.

    SheetView コレクション エディタ

    The left side of the editor allows you to see the list of sheets in the collection. You can click Add or Remove to add more sheets or remove specific sheets. Navigation arrows in the middle of the editor let you move up and down the list of sheets.

    The right side lists the Properties window for the sheet selected in the members list.

    Click OK when done setting the properties for the sheets and when done adding or removing sheets.

    For details about the properties of a collection of sheets, refer to the SheetViewCollection class.