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FarPoint.CalcEngine Assembly / FarPoint.CalcEngine Namespace / CalcReference Class / IsSubtotal Method
Row index
Column index

In This Topic
    IsSubtotal Method
    In This Topic
    Determines whether the value at the specified position is a subtotal.
    Public MustOverride Function IsSubtotal( _
       ByVal row As Integer, _
       ByVal column As Integer _
    ) As Boolean
    Dim instance As CalcReference
    Dim row As Integer
    Dim column As Integer
    Dim value As Boolean
    value = instance.IsSubtotal(row, column)
    public abstract bool IsSubtotal( 
       int row,
       int column


    Row index
    Column index

    Return Value

    true if the value at the specified cell is a subtotal
    This method checks a cell, specified by its row and column, for the SUBTOTAL function. For more information on the SUBTOTAL function, refer to the SUBTOTAL function in the Spread for .NET Formula Reference.
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