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FarPoint.Web.Chart Assembly / FarPoint.Web.Chart Namespace / HttpHandlerImageRender Class

In This Topic
    HttpHandlerImageRender Class
    In This Topic
    The HttpHandlerImageRender renders the chart image to memory using the ChartImageHttpHandler and returns the image Url.
    Object Model
    HttpHandlerImageRender Class
    Public Class HttpHandlerImageRender 
       Inherits ImageRender
       Implements IParallelSupportISparklineSupportHandler 
    Dim instance As HttpHandlerImageRender
    public class HttpHandlerImageRender : ImageRender, IParallelSupportISparklineSupportHandler  
    HttpHandlerImageRender is recommended when charts are simple (easy to generate) or when you expect requests for a large number of different charts. HttpHandlerImageRender supplies two ways to save an image on the server, one is saving in HttpContext.Session and another is saving in HttpContext.Cache. An application developer can set the storage means by the ImageTransferStorage property and determine whether to hold the image data or clear it immediately after rendering by using the KeepTransferStorage property.
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