Spread ASP.NET 15
FarPoint.Web.Spread Assembly / FarPoint.Web.Spread Namespace / DefaultSkins Class / Default Property

In This Topic
    Default Property (DefaultSkins)
    In This Topic
    Represents the skin for resetting the skin properties to the default values.
    Public Shared ReadOnly Property Default As SheetSkin
    Dim value As SheetSkin
    value = DefaultSkins.Default
    public static SheetSkin Default {get;}

    Property Value

    SheetSkin object containing the pre-defined skin

    This picture illustrates a sheet that has the pre-defined Default skin applied.

    If you have set the FpSpread.EnabledClientScript property to the component to true, the selected text color does not change. If you set the property to false, the selected text color changes according to the setting in the skin.

    This example applies the built-in Default skin to the sheet, that resets the sheet skin properties to their default values in the component.
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