Spread ASP.NET 15
FarPoint.Web.Spread Assembly / FarPoint.Web.Spread.Model Namespace / BaseSheetAxisModel Class / IsEmpty Method

In This Topic
    IsEmpty Method (BaseSheetAxisModel)
    In This Topic
    Determines whether rows and columns do not exist in the model. (This implementation always returns false.)
    Public Overridable Function IsEmpty() As Boolean
    Dim instance As BaseSheetAxisModel
    Dim value As Boolean
    value = instance.IsEmpty()
    public virtual bool IsEmpty()

    Return Value

    true if there are no rows or columns with data; false otherwise
    This example returns whether the model is empty.
    FarPoint.Web.Spread.Model.BaseSheetAxisModel b;
    bool tf;
    b = (FarPoint.Web.Spread.Model.BaseSheetAxisModel)FpSpread1.ActiveSheetView.ColumnAxisModel;
    tf = b.IsEmpty();
    Dim b As FarPoint.Web.Spread.Model.BaseSheetAxisModel
    Dim tf As Boolean
    b = FpSpread1.ActiveSheetView.ColumnAxisModel
    tf = b.IsEmpty()
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