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In This Topic
    TabInfo Class
    In This Topic
    Represents the information about the sheet name tabs that are displayed in the command bar at the bottom of the component.
    Object Model
    TabInfo Class
    Public Class TabInfo 
       Implements FarPoint.Web.Spread.Model.ISerializeSupport 
    Dim instance As TabInfo

    Since a Spread component may have more than one sheet, the tabs (or buttons) in the command bar contain the sheet names and provide a way to navigate to different sheets. These are called sheet name tabs.

    The default sheet names are Sheet0, Sheet1, etc. You can specify other names for the sheets and these appear in the sheet name tabs.

    You can set how many sheet name tabs are displayed. If the number of tabs exceeds the value specified, an ellipses is displayed. Click the ellipses to display the next (or previous) set of sheet names. You can also set the increment for advancing the sheet names. Be sure not to set the increment bigger than the number displayed if you want to be able to see all the sheet name tabs.

    Note: The sheet changes when you click a different sheet name tab or when you click on the ellipses. When you click on the ellipses, the lowest number sheet in the set of sheet names is displayed.

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