Spread ASP.NET 15
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    Settings Menu
    In This Topic

    The Settings menu can be used to format cells, the sheet, or the Spread component. The Settings menu has a Spread Setting section that contains options for creating titles, setting the focus rectangle color, setting edit properties, paging, command bar options, scrollbar options, and tab settings.

    The Sheet Setting section can be used to set the column and row count, freeze columns and rows, set paging and sorting options, set operation mode, set the locked and selection colors, set header and footer properties (including the sheet corner), set grid lines (type and color), and set formula properties such as reference style.

    The Appearance Settings section can be used to create sheet skins and named styles.

    The Other Settings section has editors for the row template, header and groups, alternating rows, and cells, columns, and rows.

    The Designer Settings section allows you to make changes to the designer such as showing on start up and resizing.

    The Settings menu is shown in the following figure:

    Spread Designer Settings Menu