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    Using the Spread Designer
    In This Topic

    Spread Designer helps you design your FpSpread component by letting you see most of the settings you make at the time you make them, and by letting you access settings that you cannot access in Visual Studio at design time. You can use Spread Designer for many aspects of design, including customizing the appearance of your component. You can also load data into the sheets in your component, if you want to do so.

    The tasks you can do using Spread Designer are described throughout this guide in the "how‑to" instructions provided. The following topics describe some specific tasks you need to do in Spread Designer to work with the component and the Designer. Refer to these topics if you have questions while working through tasks described in other sections in this guide.

    The following sections describe working inside the Spread Designer:

    For more information about Spread Designer, return to Working with the Spread Designer.