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    Compatibility with Other Features
    In This Topic

    The grouping feature affects the visual display and is not intended to work with some other features of Spread that also work with the display of the spreadsheet. When grouping happens, the data model is changed and a new model (the GroupDataModel) is used. Many features are not affected by grouping at all, but some features, listed below, are not intended to operate with grouping. In general, if the feature involves the appearance or interactivity of the sheet or column, check the list to see if it is affected by grouping.

    Some formatting features can work with grouping, but need to be applied after grouping occurs. If you need to format cells (colors, locked, etc.), you must apply the formatting after grouping.

    Features Influenced by Grouping

    These features do not interoperate with grouping in Spread.

    These features work with grouping in Spread.

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