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    Managing Filtering of Rows of User Data
    In This Topic

    You can create filters for data. The basic steps are to create a filter and then assign the filter to a column. You can specify certain details for the filter such as creating a background color for filtered and non-filtered rows with a style filter or creating a hide row filter that hides the rows.

    Spread provides several types of filtering, simple and enhanced. The simple filtering is the style of filtering provided in this and previous releases of Spread. The enhanced filtering is similar to Excel's filter feature. Spread also provides a filter bar that uses the enhanced filtering options.

    Each type of filtering provides a way for users to change data's appearance or temporarily hide data based on conditions that they specify, as shown in the following figures. This figure illustrates the simple filter.

    Example of simple filter

    The following figure illustrates the enhanced filter.

    Example of enhanced filter

    The filter bar provides a text box, a list of enhanced filter choices, and a filter icon. This figure illustrates a filter bar.

    Example of filter bar

    You can customize many features for each type of filtering, as well as the display of filtered rows, as described in the following sections.

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