Spread Windows Forms 15.0
FarPoint.Win.Spread Assembly / FarPoint.Win.Spread Namespace / FormatCells.FormatCellsTab Enumeration

In This Topic
    FormatCells.FormatCellsTab Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Represents the tabs of the format cell form.
    Public Enum FormatCells.FormatCellsTab 
       Inherits System.Enum
    Dim instance As FormatCells.FormatCellsTab
    public enum FormatCells.FormatCellsTab : System.Enum 
    AlignmentThe text alignment tab.
    BorderThe border tab.
    ColorsLinesThe color and lines tab.
    FillThe fill tab.
    FontThe text font tab.
    MarginsThe margins tab.
    NumberThe number tab.
    PropertiesThe properties tab.
    ProtectionThe protection tab.
    SizeThe size tab.
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