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In This Topic
    Xlf Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Excel Function (XLF) defines. These values are unique identifiers used when parsing Excel Formula buffers to determine the current function being referenced.
    Public Enum Xlf 
       Inherits System.Enum
    Dim instance As Xlf
    public enum Xlf : System.Enum 
    Abs[24] ABS function
    Absref[79] ABSREF function
    Acos[99] ACOS function
    Acosh[233] ACOSH function
    ActiveCell[94] ACTIVECELL function
    AddBar[151] ADDBAR function
    AddCommand[153] ADDCOMMAND function
    AddMenu[152] ADDMENU function
    Address[219] ADDRESS function
    AddToolbar[253] ADDTOOLBAR function
    And[36] AND function
    AppTitle[262] APPTITLE function
    Areas[75] AREAS function
    Argument[81] ARGUMENT function
    Asc[214] ASC function
    Asin[98] ASIN function
    Asinh[232] ASINH function
    Atan[18] ATAN function
    Atan2[97] ATAN2 function
    Atanh[234] ATANH function
    Avedev[269] AVEDEV function
    Average[5] AVERAGE function
    AverageA[361] AVERAGEA function
    Betadist[270] BETADIST function
    Betainv[272] BETAINV function
    Binomdist[273] BINOMDIST function
    Call[150] CALL function
    Caller[89] CALLER function
    CancelKey[170] CANCELKEY function
    Ceiling[288] CEILING function
    Cell[125] CELL function
    Char[111] CHAR function
    CheckCommand[155] CHECKCOMMAND function
    Chidist[274] CHIDIST function
    Chiinv[275] CHIINV function
    Chitest[306] CHITEST function
    Choose[100] CHOOSE function
    Clean[162] CLEAN function
    Code[121] CODE function
    Column[9] COLUMN function
    Columns[77] COLUMNS function
    Combin[276] COMBIN function
    Concatenate[336] CONCATENATE function
    Confidence[277] CONFIDENCE function
    Correl[307] CORREL function
    Cos[16] COS function
    Cosh[230] COSH function
    Count[0] COUNT function
    Counta[169] COUNTA function
    Countblank[347] COUNTBLANK function
    Countif[346] COUNTIF function
    Covar[308] COVAR function
    CreateObject[236] CREATEOBJECT function
    Critbinom[278] CRITBINOM function
    CustomRepeat[240] CUSTOMREPEAT function
    CustomUndo[239] CUSTOMUNDO function
    Date[65] DATE function
    Datedif[351] DATEDIF function
    Datestring[352] DATESTRING function
    Datevalue[140] DATEVALUE function
    Daverage[42] DAVERAGE function
    Day[67] DAY function
    Days360[220] DAYS360 function
    Db[247] DB function
    Dbcs[215] DBCS function
    Dcount[40] DCOUNT function
    Dcounta[199] DCOUNTA function
    Ddb[14] DBD function
    Degrees[343] DEGREES function
    DeleteBar[200] DELETEBAR function
    DeleteCommand[159] DELETECOMMAND function
    DeleteMenu[158] DELETEMENU function
    DeleteToolbar[254] DELETETOOLBAR function
    Deref[90] DEREF function
    Devsq[318] DEVSQ function
    Dget[235] DGET function
    DialogBox[161] DIALOGBOX function
    Directory[123] DIRECTORY function
    Dmax[44] DMAX function
    Dmin[43] DMIN function
    Documents[93] DOCUMENTS function
    Dollar[13] DOLLAR function
    Dproduct[189] DPRODUCT function
    Dstdev[45] DSTDEV function
    Dstdevp[195] DSTDEVP function
    Dsum[41] DSUM function
    Dvar[47] DVAR function
    Dvarp[196] DVARP function
    Echo[87] ECHO function
    EnableCommand[154] ENABLECOMMAND function
    EnableTool[265] ENABLETOOL function
    Error[84] ERROR function
    ErrorType[261] ERRORTYPE function
    Evaluate[257] EVALUATE function
    Even[279] EVEN function
    Exact[117] EXACT function
    Exec[110] EXEC function
    Execute[178] EXECUTE function
    Exp[21] EXP function
    Expondist[280] EXPONDIST function
    ExternCustom[0xFF] External or custom function
    Fact[184] FACT function
    False[35] FALSE function
    Fclose[133] FCLOSE function
    Fdist[281] FDIST function
    Files[166] FILES function
    Find[124] FIND function
    Findb[205] FINDB function
    Finv[282] FINV function
    Fisher[283] FISHER function
    Fisherinv[284] FISHERINV function
    Fixed[14] FIXED function
    Floor[285] FLOOR function
    Fopen[132] FOPEN function
    Forecast[309] FORECAST function
    FormulaConvert[241] FORMULACONVERT function
    Fpos[139] FPOS function
    Fread[136] FREAD function
    Freadln[135] FREADIN function
    Frequency[252] FREQUENCY function
    Fsize[134] FSIZE function
    Ftest[310] FTEST function
    Fv[57] FV function
    Fwrite[138] FWRITE function
    Fwriteln[137] FWRITEIN function
    Gammadist[286] GAMMADIST function
    Gammainv[287] GAMMAINV function
    Gammaln[271] GAMMALN function
    Geomean[319] GEOMEAN function
    GetBar[182] GETBAR function
    GetCell[185] GETCELL function
    GetChartItem[160] GETCHARTITEM function
    GetDef[145] GETDEF function
    GetDocument[188] GETDOCUMENT function
    GetFormula[106] GETFORMULA function
    GetLinkInfo[242] GETLINKINFO function
    GetMovie[335] GETMOVIE function
    GetName[107] GETNAME function
    GetNote[191] GETNOTE function
    GetObject[246] GETOBJECT function
    GetPivotData[358] GETPIVOTDATA function
    GetPivotField[340] GETPIVOTFIELD function
    GetPivotItem[341] GETPIVOTITEM function
    GetPivotTable[339] GETPIVOTTABLE function
    GetTool[259] GETTOOL function
    GetToolbar[258] GETTOOLBAR function
    GetWindow[187] GETWINDOW function
    GetWorkbook[268] GETWORKBOOK function
    GetWorkspace[186] GETWORKSPACE function
    Goto[53] GOTO function
    Group[245] GROUP function
    Growth[52] GROWTH function
    Halt[54] HALT function
    Harmean[320] HARMEAN function
    Help[181] HELP function
    Hlookup[101] HLOOKUP function
    Hour[71] HOUR function
    Hyperlink[359] HYPERLINK function
    Hypgeomdist[289] HYPGEOMDIST function
    If[1] IF function
    Index[29] INDEX function
    Indirect[148] INDIRECT function
    Info[244] INFO function
    Initiate[175] INITIATE function
    Input[104] INPUT function
    Int[25] INT function
    Intercept[311] INTERCEPT function
    Ipmt[167] IPMT function
    Irr[62] IRR function
    Isblank[129] ISBLANK function
    Iserr[126] ISERR function
    Iserror[3] ISERROR function
    Islogical[198] ISLOGICAL function
    Isna[2] ISNA function
    Isnontext[190] ISNONTEXT function
    Isnumber[128] ISNUMBER function
    Ispmt[350] ISPMT function
    Isref[105] ISREF function
    Istext[127] ISTEXT function
    Kurt[322] KURT function
    Large[325] LARGE function
    LastError[238] LASTERROR function
    Left[115] LEFT function
    Leftb[208] LEFTB function
    Len[32] LEN function
    Lenb[211] LENB function
    Linest[49] LINEST function
    Links[103] LINKS function
    Ln[22] LN function
    Log[109] LOG function
    Log10[23] LOG10 function
    Logest[51] LOGEST function
    Loginv[291] LOGINV function
    Lognormdist[290] LOGNORMDIST function
    Lookup[28] LOOKUP function
    Lower[112] LOWER function
    Match[64] MATCH function
    Max[7] MAX function
    MaxA[362] MAXA function
    Mdeterm[163] MDETERM function
    Median[227] MEDIAN function
    Mid[31] MID function
    Midb[210] MIDB function
    Min[6] MIN function
    MinA[363] MINA function
    Minute[72] MINUTE function
    Minverse[164] MINVERSE function
    Mirr[61] MIRR function
    Mmult[165] MMULT function
    Mod[39] MOD function
    Mode[330] MODE function
    Month[68] MONTH function
    MovieCommand[334] MOVIECOMMAND function
    N[131] N function
    Na[10] NA function
    Names[122] NAMES function
    Negbinomdist[292] NEGBINOMDIST function
    Normdist[293] NORMDIST function
    Norminv[295] NORMINV function
    Normsdist[294] NORMSDIST function
    Normsinv[296] NORMSINV function
    Not[38] NOT function
    Note[192] NOTE function
    Now[74] NOW function
    Nper[58] NPER function
    Npv[11] NPV function
    Numberstring[353] NUMBERSTRING function
    Odd[298] ODD function
    Offset[78] OFFSET function
    OpenDialog[355] OPENDIALOG function
    OptionsListsGet[349] OPTIONSLISTSGET function
    Or[37] OR function
    Pause[248] PAUSE function
    Pearson[312] PEARSON function
    Percentile[328] PERCENTILE function
    Percentrank[329] PERCENTRANK function
    Permut[299] PERMUT function
    Phonetic[360] PHONETIC function
    Pi[19] PI function
    PivotAddData[338] PIVOTADDDATA function
    Pmt[59] PMT function
    Poisson[300] POISSON function
    Poke[177] POKE function
    Power[337] POWER function
    Ppmt[168] PPMT function
    PressTool[266] PRESSTOOL function
    Prob[317] PROB function
    Product[183] PRODUCT function
    Proper[114] PROPER function
    Pv[56] PV function
    Quartile[327] QUARTILE function
    Radians[342] RADIANS function
    Rand[63] RAND function
    Rank[216] RANK function
    Rate[60] RATE function
    Reftext[146] REFTEXT function
    Register[149] REGISTER function
    RegisterId[267] REGISTERID function
    Relref[80] RELREF function
    RenameCommand[156] RENAMECOMMAND function
    Replace[119] REPLACE function
    Replaceb[207] REPLACEB function
    Rept[30] REPT function
    Request[176] REQUEST function
    ResetToolbar[256] RESETTOOLBAR function
    Restart[180] RESTART function
    Result[96] RESULT function
    Resume[251] RESUME function
    Right[116] RIGHT function
    Rightb[209] RIGHTB function
    Roman[354] ROMAN function
    Round[27] ROUND function
    Rounddown[213] ROUNDDOWN function
    Roundup[212] ROUNDUP function
    Row[8] ROW function
    Rows[76] ROWS function
    Rsq[313] RSQ function
    SaveDialog[356] SAVEDIALOG function
    SaveToolbar[264] SAVETOOLBAR function
    ScenarioGet[348] SCENARIOGET function
    Search[82] SEARCH function
    Searchb[206] SEARCHB function
    Second[73] SECOND function
    Selection[95] SELECTION function
    Series[92] SERIES function
    SetName[88] SETNAME function
    SetValue[108] SETVALUE function
    ShowBar[157] SHOWBAR function
    Sign[26] SIGN function
    Sin[15] SIN function
    Sinh[229] SINH function
    Skew[323] SKEW function
    Sln[142] SLN function
    Slope[315] SLOPE function
    Small[326] SMALL function
    SpellingCheck[260] SPELLINGCHECK function
    Sqrt[20] SQRT function
    Standardize[297] STANDARDIZE function
    Stdev[12] STDEV function
    StDevA[366] STDEVA function
    Stdevp[193] STDEVP function
    StDevPA[364] STDEVPA function
    Step[85] STEP function
    Steyx[314] STEYX function
    Substitute[120] SUBSTITUTE function
    Subtotal[344] SUBTOTAL function
    Sum[4] SUM function
    Sumif[345] SUMIF function
    Sumproduct[228] SUMPRODUCT function
    Sumsq[321] SUMSQ function
    Sumx2my2[304] SUMX2MY2 function
    Sumx2py2[305] SUMX2PY2 function
    Sumxmy2[303] SUMXMY2 function
    Syd[143] SYD function
    T[130] T function
    Tan[17] TAN function
    Tanh[231] TANH function
    Tdist[301] TDIST function
    Terminate[179] TERMINATE function
    Text[48] TEST function
    TextBox[243] TEXTBOX function
    Textref[147] TEXTREF function
    Time[66] TIME function
    Timevalue[141] TIMEVALUE function
    Tinv[332] TINV function
    Today[221] TODAY function
    Transpose[83] TRANSPOSE function
    Trend[50] TREND function
    Trim[118] TRIM function
    Trimmean[331] TRIMMEAN function
    True[34] TRUE function
    Trunc[197] TRUNC function
    Ttest[316] TTEST function
    Type[86] TYPE function
    Unregister[201] UNREGISTER function
    Upper[113] UPPER function
    Usdollar[204] USDOLLAR function
    Value[33] VALUE function
    Var[46] VAR function
    VarA[367] VARA function
    Varp[194] VARP function
    VarPA[365] VARPA function
    Vdb[222] VDB function
    ViewGet[357] VIEWGET function
    Vlookup[102] VLOOKUP function
    Volatile[111] VOLATILE function
    Weekday[70] WEEKDAY function
    Weibull[302] WEIBULL function
    Windows[91] WINDOWS function
    WindowTitle[263] WINDOWTITLE function
    Year[69] YEAR function
    Ztest[324] ZTEST function
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