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    ICommentThreaded Interface Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by ICommentThreaded.

    Public Properties
     PropertyGets the IAuthor object that represents the author of the specified ICommentThreaded object.  
     PropertyGets a System.DateTime value that represents the date and time that a threaded comment was added in local time.  
     PropertyGets an ICommentThreaded object that represents the next threaded comment.  
     PropertyGets the top-level comment.  
     PropertyGets an ICommentThreaded object that represents the previous threaded comment.  
     PropertyIf this comment is a parent, returns an ICommentsThreaded collection of ICommentThreaded objects that are children/replies of the specified comment (if any exist). The replies are sorted by time stamp.

    If this comment is a child/reply or a legacy comment, returns an empty collection.

     PropertyGets or sets a boolean value indicating whether the threaded comment is resolved.  
    Public Methods
     MethodIf the comment is a top-level comment, it will add a reply to its replies collection. If this comment is a reply, it will add a reply to its Parent's replies collection.  
     MethodDeletes the specified threaded comment and all replies associated with that comment (if any exist).  
     MethodSets threaded comment text.  
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