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    XY Point Charts
    In This Topic

    The point chart can be an XY plot such as the one shown in this figure.


    A point marker is used to visualize each data value. Each point in a point series contains a single data value.

    An XY point series can have a border, fill effect, shape, size, and depth for the point markers. Assigning null for a border or fill effect indicates that the property is unset. Size is measured in model units. Depth is measured relative to the floor grid cell (0 = no width, 1 = width of floor grid cell).

    Each point in an XY point series contains two data values: x and y. Each point is visualized as a point marker. Each point can be assigned a border and a fill effect for the point marker.

    For more information on the point series object in the API, refer to the XYPointSeries class.