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    In This Topic

    A series is a collection of data points that are displayed in the plot area. There are several types of series, depending on the type of plot.

    • Area, Line, and Point series can have drop lines. Drop lines extend from the data point down to the series origin or category axis. This can be used to highlight the x value of the point. There are several subtypes of series such as: Y, XY, XYZ, Pie, Polar, and Radar. These subtypes of series correspond to the subtypes of plot areas.
    • When a chart has multiple legends, a series can be assigned to a specific legend using the legend's ID.
    • Many of the series have properties (e.g. border or fill effect) that can be assigned to both a series and a point.
    • If the property is set for both the series and the point then the point setting overrides the series setting. If the property is unset for both the series and the point then the chart view will provide a default setting.
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