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In This Topic
    In This Topic

    The legend contains identifiers for each of the series of the data. The legend area can contain legend items, a background, and borders. The legend area is positioned using a relative location (where (0,0) = the left upper corner of the chart and (1,1) = the right lower corner of the chart) and a relative alignment (where (0,0) = the left upper corner of the label area and (1,1) = the right lower corner of the label area).

    See the following for more information on how to set properties for the legend:


    The following example sets properties for the legend.

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    FarPoint.Win.Chart.LegendArea legend = new FarPoint.Win.Chart.LegendArea();
    legend.Location = new PointF(0.98f, 0.5f);
    legend.AlignmentX = 1.0f;
    legend.AlignmentY = 0.5f;
    Visual Basic
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    Dim legend As New FarPoint.Win.Chart.LegendArea()
    legend.Location = New PointF(0.98F, 0.5F)
    legend.AlignmentX = 1.0F
    legend.AlignmentY = 0.5F

    Using the Chart Designer

    1. Run the Chart Designer.
    2. Select the target Legend Area from the tree menu on the left.
    3. Set the required properties in the property list on the right.
    4. Click OK and exit Chart Designer.
    For information on starting Chart Designer, refer to Chart Designer in the SPREAD Designer Guide.
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