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    Hbar and Vbar Sparkline
    In This Topic

    Hbar and vbar sparklines present categorical data with rectangular bars with heights or lengths proportional to the values that they represent. These sparklines can be used to show variations or ranges in the given data.

    The sparkline starts at the left or bottom of the cell for positive values and the top or right of the cell for negative values. If the value is greater than 100% or smaller than -100%, an arrow is displayed.

    The hbar and vbar sparkline formulas have the following syntax:

    =HBARSPARKLINE(value, [colorScheme, axisVisible, barHeight, minimum, maximum, axisValue])
    =VBARSPARKLINE(value, [colorScheme, axisVisible, barWidth, minimum, maximum, axisValue])

    The formula options are described below:

    Option Description
    value A number or reference that represents the length of the bar. The value should be between -1 and 1.



    A string that represents the color of the bar.

    The default value is "grey".



    A Boolean value that indicates whether or not to show the axis.

    The default value is true.

    barHeight (Hbar) or barWidth (Vbar)


    A number greater than 0 and less than or equal to 1, which indicates the percentage of bar height or bar width according to the cell height or cell width.

    Default value is 0.7



    A number that represents the minimum axis value.

    The default value is 0 if the value is greater than 0, or -1 if the value is less than 0.



    A number that represents the maximum axis value.

    The default value is 1 if the value is greater than 0, or 0 if the value is less than 0.



    A number that represents the axis intercept value (where the axis line is drawn). The value should be between minimum and maximum values.

    If the value is out of range, it will be adjusted to the minimum or maximum value.

    The default value is 0. 

    Usage Scenario

    Consider a scenario where a company wants to display the employee satisfaction scores against different aspects of work. The hbar and vbar sparklines can show variations between each category provided during the company survey.

    Hbar Sparkline

    Vbar Sparkline

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    // Get sheet
    var worksheet1 = fpSpread1.Sheets[0].AsWorksheet();
    var worksheet2 = fpSpread1.Sheets[1].AsWorksheet();
    // Set data for HBarSprkline
    worksheet1.SetValue(1, 0, new object[,]
        {"Commute",0.8, null},
        {"Job Security",0.61, null},
        {"Health Plan",0.45, null},
        {"Work/ Life Balance",0.42, null},
        {"Growth Potential",0.39, null},
        {"Flexible Time Plan",0.39, null},
        {"Training Programs",0.36, null},
        {"Promotion Policy",0.31, null},
        {"Bonus Plan",0.29, null}
    // Set number format
    worksheet1.Cells["B2:B10"].NumberFormat = "0%";
    // Set HBarSparkline formula
    worksheet1.Cells["C2:C13"].Formula = "IF(B2>=0.8,HBARSPARKLINE(B2,\"#092834\",TRUE,B2),IF(B2>=0.6,HBARSPARKLINE(B2,\"#B2D732\",TRUE,B2),IF(B2>=0.4,HBARSPARKLINE(B2,\"#66B032\",TRUE,B2),IF(B2>=0.2,HBARSPARKLINE(B2,\"#B2D732\",TRUE,B2),IF(B2>=0,HBARSPARKLINE(B2,\"#8e1963\",TRUE,B2),HBARSPARKLINE(B2,\"red\"))))))";
    // Set data for VBarSprkline
    worksheet2.SetValue(1, 0, new object[,]
        {"Commute","Job Security","Health Plan","Work/ Life Balance","Growth Potential","Flexible Time Plan","Training Programs","Promotion Policy","Bonus Plan" },
    worksheet2.SetValue(3, 0, new object[,]
        {0.80, 0.61, 0.45, 0.42,0.39, 0.39, 0.36, 0.31, 0.29}
    // Set VBarSparkline formula
    worksheet2.Cells["A3:I3"].Formula = "IF(A4>=0.8,VBARSPARKLINE(A4,\"#092834\",TRUE,A4),IF(A4>=0.6,VBARSPARKLINE(A4,\"#B2D732\",TRUE,A4),IF(A4>=0.4,VBARSPARKLINE(A4,\"#66B032\",TRUE,A4),IF(A4>=0.2,VBARSPARKLINE(A4,\"#B2D732\",TRUE,A4),IF(A4>=0,VBARSPARKLINE(A4,\"#8e1963\",TRUE,A4),VBARSPARKLINE(A4,\"red\"))))))";
    Visual Basic
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    'Get sheet
    'Dim worksheet1 = FpSpread1.Sheets(0).AsWorksheet()
    'Dim worksheet2 = FpSpread1.Sheets(1).AsWorksheet()
    'Set data for HBarSprkline
    worksheet1.SetValue(1, 0, New Object(,) {
        {"Commute", 0.8, Nothing},
        {"Job Security", 0.61, Nothing},
        {"Health Plan", 0.45, Nothing},
        {"Work/ Life Balance", 0.42, Nothing},
        {"Growth Potential", 0.39, Nothing},
        {"Flexible Time Plan", 0.39, Nothing},
        {"Training Programs", 0.36, Nothing},
        {"Promotion Policy", 0.31, Nothing},
        {"Bonus Plan", 0.29, Nothing}
    'Set number format
    worksheet1.Cells("B2:B10").NumberFormat = "0%"
    'Set HBarSparkline formula
    worksheet1.AsWorksheet().Cells("C2:C13").Formula = "IF(B2>=0.8,HBARSPARKLINE(B2,""#092834"",TRUE,B2),IF(B2>=0.6,HBARSPARKLINE(B2,""#B2D732"",TRUE,B2),IF(B2>=0.4,HBARSPARKLINE(B2,""#66B032"",TRUE,B2),IF(B2>=0.2,HBARSPARKLINE(B2,""#B2D732"",TRUE,B2),IF(B2>=0,HBARSPARKLINE(B2,""#8E1963"",TRUE,B2),HBARSPARKLINE(B2,""red""))))))"
    'Set data for VBarSparkline
    worksheet2.SetValue(1, 0, New Object(,) {
        {"Commute", "Job Security", "Health Plan", "Work/ Life Balance", "Growth Potential", "Flexible Time Plan", "Training Programs", "Promotion Policy", "Bonus Plan"}
    worksheet2.SetValue(3, 0, New Object(,) {
        {0.8, 0.61, 0.45, 0.42, 0.39, 0.39, 0.36, 0.31, 0.29}
    'Set VBarSparkline formula
    worksheet2.Cells("A3:I3").Formula = "IF(A4>=0.8,VBARSPARKLINE(A4,""#092834"",TRUE,A4),IF(A4>=0.6,VBARSPARKLINE(A4,""#B2D732"",TRUE,A4),IF(A4>=0.4,VBARSPARKLINE(A4,""#66B032"",TRUE,A4),IF(A4>=0.2,VBARSPARKLINE(A4,""#B2D732"",TRUE,A4),IF(A4>=0,VBARSPARKLINE(A4,""#8E1963"",TRUE,A4),VBARSPARKLINE(A4,""red""))))))"

    Using the Spread Designer

    1. Select a cell for the sparkline.
    2. Select the Insert menu.
    3. Select a sparkline type.
    4. Set the Value in the Sparkline Setting dialog.

      Hbar sparkline setting dialog in Spread Designer

      Set the additional sparkline settings as shown in the images above.

    5. Select OK.
    6. Select Apply and Exit from the File menu to save your changes and close the designer.