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In This Topic
    Default Map for Excel Compatibility
    In This Topic

    The default map for Excel compatibility mode is summarized in this table. This table applies when the input map mode is WhenAncestorOfFocused and the state is normal or edit mode.

    Key Code Action Name
    Delete ClearSelectedCellsData
    Ctrl + Up Arrow MoveToPreviousRowWithData
    Ctrl + Down Arrow MoveToNextRowWithData
    Ctrl + Left Arrow MoveToPreviousColumnWithData
    Ctrl + Right Arrow MoveToNextColumnWithData
    Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow ExtendToPreviousRowWithData
    Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow ExtendToNextRowWithData
    Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow ExtendToPreviousColumnWithData
    Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow ExtendToNextColumnWithData
    F2 StartEditing
    F4 Redo
    Enter MoveToNextRow
    Shift + Enter MoveToPreviousRow
    Ctrl + Page Up MoveToPreviousSheet
    Ctrl + Page Down MoveToNextSheet
    Alt + Page Up MoveToPreviousPageOfColumns
    Alt + Page Down MoveToNextPageOfColumns
    Ctrl + ; DateTimeNow
    Tab MoveToNextColumnVisual
    Shift + Tab MoveToPreviousColumnVisual
    Ctrl + A SelectSheet
    Alt + Backspace Undo

    The following table applies when the input map mode is WhenFocused and the state is normal.

    Key Code Action Name
    Ctrl + C ClipboardCopy
    Ctrl + Insert ClipboardCopy
    Ctrl + X ClipboardCut
    Shift + Delete ClipboardCut
    Ctrl + V ClipboardPasteAll
    Shift + Insert ClipboardPasteAll
    Backspace StartEditing
    = StartEditingFormula
    Ctrl + Z Undo
    Ctrl + Y Redo
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