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In This Topic
    Default Map for Normal and WhenAncestorOfFocused
    In This Topic

    The default map for this operation mode and input map mode is summarized in this table.

    Key Code Action Name
    Esc CancelEditing
    Alt+Down Arrow ComboShowList
    Alt+Up Arrow ComboShowList
    F2 ClearCell
    F3 DateTimeNow
    Ctrl+Shift+Home ExtendToFirstCell
    Shift+Home ExtendToFirstColumn
    Ctrl+Shift+End ExtendToLastCell
    Shift+End ExtendToLastColumn
    Shift+Right Arrow ExtendToNextColumnVisual
    Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow ExtendToNextColumnVisual
    Ctrl+Shift+Page Down ExtendToNextPageOfColumns
    Page Down ExtendToNextPageOfRows
    Shift+Page Down ExtendToNextPageOfRows
    Shift+Down Arrow ExtendToNextRow
    Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow ExtendToNextRow
    Shift+Left Arrow ExtendToPreviousColumnVisual
    Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow ExtendToPreviousColumnVisual
    Ctrl+Shift+Page Up ExtendToPreviousPageOfColumns
    Shift+Up Arrow ExtendToPreviousRow
    Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow ExtendToPreviousRow
    Page Up ExtendToPreviousPageOfRows
    Shift+Page Up ExtendToPreviousPageOfRows
    Ctrl+Home MoveToFirstCell
    Home MoveToFirstColumn
    Ctrl+End MoveToLastCell
    End MoveToLastColumn
    Right Arrow MoveToNextColumnVisual
    Ctrl+Right Arrow MoveToNextColumnVisual
    Tab MoveToNextColumnWrap
    Down Arrow MoveToNextRow
    Ctrl+Down Arrow MoveToNextRow
    Left Arrow MoveToPreviousColumnVisual
    Ctrl+Left Arrow MoveToPreviousColumnVisual
    Shift+Tab MoveToPreviousColumnWrap
    Ctrl+Page Up MoveToPreviousPageOfRows
    Ctrl+Page Down MoveToPreviousPageOfColumns
    Ctrl+Up Arrow MoveToPreviousRow
    Up Arrow MoveToPreviousRow
    Ctrl+spacebar SelectColumn
    Shift+spacebar SelectRow
    Enter SelectRow
    Ctrl+Shift+spacebar SelectSheet
    F4 ShowSubEditor
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