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    Customizing a Line as an Arrow
    In This Topic

    Besides an arrow shape, you can setup a line shape and change the ends to be arrow heads. You can create an arrow from a line shape in code or in the Spread Designer.

    When you create a line in the Spread Designer you can then set the start cap and end cap using the shape properties as shown here. Create a shape in the designer using the Insert menu and shape option, then right-click on the shape to set additional properties.

    Spread Designer Shape Properties Dialog with Arrow Head Menu

    The cap types are listed in this table, shown with a simulated image that roughly illustrates the appearance.

    Type of Cap Appearance


    Flat Cap


    Square Cap


    Round Cap


    Triangle Cap


    No Anchor Cap


    Square Anchor Cap


    Round Anchor Cap


    Diamond Anchor Cap


    Arrow Anchor Cap


    Anchor Mask Cap

    Custom User-defined

    For more details on the line shape in code, refer to the LineShape class in the Assembly Reference.

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