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    Locking a Shape
    In This Topic

    You can lock a shape and prevent the user from interacting with it. The shape remains visible but cannot be moved, rotated, or changed.

    Locking a cell does not lock any shapes (floating objects) over that cell. A protected sheet only means that all the cells in that sheet marked as locked are locked; it does not apply to shapes over that sheet. To lock a shape, change the Locked property of that shape. In Spread Designer, this can be done by right-clicking the shape and selecting Properties. This opens the Shape Properties dialog. In this dialog, set the Locked property to true. In code, set the Locked property for that shape to true. Lock each shape by setting the locked property on that shape. Each shape can be locked individually. Locking means that the shape can not be selected or interacted with.

    For more information about locking cells on a sheet, refer to Locking a Cell.

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