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    SmartPrint Tab
    In This Topic

    The SmartPrint tab of the Sheet Print Settings dialog provides the rule options for printing.

    Spread Designer Sheet Print Settings Dialog, SmartPrint Tab

    This tab provides the following items:

    Item Description
    Use SmartPrint Set whether to print using the SmartPrint capability, which optimizes printing by following certain rules
    Box with current print rules Display the current print rules defined for SmartPrint; select a rule to remove it
    Delete Click to remove the selected print rule
    SmartPrint Rule To change a rule, select the rule to change from this list
    Add Click to add the selected rule and its settings to the set of print rules
    Rule Options Set of controls that varies depending on the rule selected in the SmartPrint Rule list
    Reset Option Set whether to reset the rule before testing the next print rule
    Start Factor For the Scale Rule, set the zoom factor at which to begin testing
    End Factor For the Scale Rule, set the zoom factor at which to stop testing
    Interval For the Scale Rule, set the amount by which to decrement the zoom factor between scale tests

    For more information about optimum printing and SmartPrint rules, refer to Optimizing the Printing in the Developer’s Guide.