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    Home Menu
    In This Topic

    The Home (or edit) menu allows you to perform standard Clipboard operations (such as cut, copy, and paste) and various selecting and navigation functions. You can also set the font information and cell borders.

    The Clipboard section of the Home menu contains the clipboard operations and undo/redo. The Font section contains the font options as well as the cell border options. The Alignment section contains the text alignment options and merge options. The CellType section is for creating or clearing cell types. The Style section is for conditional formatting and the Editing section is for locking, selecting, sorting, or searching cells.

    Home Menu

    The options are explained in the table below.

    Option Description
    Clipboard Section (Cut, copy, and Paste) These are the Clipboard operations that allow you to cut, copy, and paste data from one selected range of cells to another. If multiple cells are selected that are discontiguous, then only the data in the last cell is cut or copied to the Clipboard.
    Alignment Section This allows you to set the center the text, merge, etc.
    CellType Section This allows you to specify or clear the cell type.
    Style Section This allows you to set conditonal formatting.
    Editing Section This allows you to lock cells, select, sort, or find text.
    Editing Section (Find) This allows you to search for text in the contents of cells in the sheet. This option brings up the Find dialog. For more information on the Find dialog and searching, refer to Allowing the User to Perform a Standard Search.
    Editing Section (Select All) This allows you to select the entire sheet, all the cells in the data area, or only the cells with data.
    Font Section This allows you to customize the font style, size, color for all text.
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