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    Understanding Parts of the Component
    In This Topic

    The Spread component is made up of the spreadsheet that displays the data along with scroll bars and, if multiple sheets, sheet tabs in a tab strip. The figure below shows the major parts of the Spread component. Several of these can be hidden, but this shows the default display.

    Parts of the Control

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    Sheet Sheets
    Sheet Corner Customizing the Sheet Corner Appearance
    Sheet Tab Customizing the Sheet Name Tabs
    Cell Cells
    Scroll bar Customizing the Scroll Bars
    Column/Row Header Headers
    Row and Column Rows and Columns
    Focus Indicator (Active cell) Customizing the Focus Indicator for a Cell
    Selection Customizing User Selection and Deselection of Data
    Active Sheet Working with the Active Sheet
    Horizontal/vertical split box Customizing Split Boxes
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