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GrapeCity.CalcEngine.Expressions Namespace / CalcSheetRangeExpression Class / CalcSheetRangeExpression Constructor / CalcSheetRangeExpression Constructor(ICalcSource,ICalcSource)
Starting owner of cell range.
Ending owner of cell range.

In This Topic
    CalcSheetRangeExpression Constructor(ICalcSource,ICalcSource)
    In This Topic
    Initializes a new instance of the CalcRangeExpression class.
    Public Function New( _
       ByVal startSource As ICalcSource, _
       ByVal endSource As ICalcSource _
    Dim startSource As ICalcSource
    Dim endSource As ICalcSource
    Dim instance As New CalcSheetRangeExpression(startSource, endSource)
    public CalcSheetRangeExpression( 
       ICalcSource startSource,
       ICalcSource endSource


    Starting owner of cell range.
    Ending owner of cell range.
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