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GrapeCity.CalcEngine.Functions Namespace / CalcWeekNumFunction Class

In This Topic
    CalcWeekNumFunction Class
    In This Topic
    Returns a number that indicates where the week falls numerically within a year.
    Object Model
    CalcWeekNumFunction Class
    Public Class CalcWeekNumFunction 
       Inherits CalcBuiltinFunction
    Dim instance As CalcWeekNumFunction
    public class CalcWeekNumFunction : CalcBuiltinFunction 
    The WEEKNUM function considers the week containing January 1 to be the first week of the year. However, there is a European standard that defines the first week as the one with the majority of days (four or more) falling in the new year. This means that for years in which there are three days or less in the first week of January, the WEEKNUM function returns week numbers that are incorrect according to the European standard.
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