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GrapeCity.Excel Namespace / ColorSchemeIndex Enumeration

In This Topic
    ColorSchemeIndex Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Defines a set of colors for the theme. The set of colors consists of twelve color slots that can each hold a color of choice
    Public Enum ColorSchemeIndex 
       Inherits System.Enum
    Dim instance As ColorSchemeIndex
    public enum ColorSchemeIndex : System.Enum 
    _BackgroudnColor2Semantic additional background color
    _BackgroundColor1Semantic background color
    _PlaceHolderColorA color used in the theme definitions which means "use the color of the style"
    _TextColor1Semantic text color
    _TextColor2Semantic additional text color
    Accent1Represents "Accent1" color in the theme
    Accent2Represents "Accent2" color in the theme
    Accent3Represents "Accent3" color in the theme
    Accent4Represents "Accent4" color in the theme
    Accent5Represents "Accent5" color in the theme
    Accent6Represents "Accent6" color in the theme
    FollowedHyperlinkRepresents the color of a followed hyperlink
    HyperlinkRepresents the color the hyperlinks
    NoneA flag indicate the ColorSchemIndex has not been set yet.
    TextDark1Represents a dark color, usually defined as a system text color
    TextDark2Represents a second dark color for use
    TextLight1Represents a light color, usually defined as the system window color
    TextLight2Represents a second light color for use
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