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GrapeCity.Excel Namespace / ExcelWarningCode Enumeration

In This Topic
    ExcelWarningCode Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Specifies the warnings codes returned in the Code property of ExcelWarning.
    Public Enum ExcelWarningCode 
       Inherits System.Enum
    Dim instance As ExcelWarningCode
    public enum ExcelWarningCode : System.Enum 
    CannotOpenThe Excel file cannot be opened. See the warning message for more information.
    CannotOpenPasswordProtectThe Excel file cannot be opened because the workbook/worksheet is password protected.
    DefinedOrCustomNameErrorFailed to read the defined name or custom name
    ExcelExternSheetErrorError related to formula reference, like extern sheet, extern name etc.
    FormulaErrorError related to general formula issue.
    FormulaNotSupportErrorAn error indicate the formula is not supported.
    GeneralGeneral warning.
    IncorrectPasswordThe specified password is incorrect.
    SignificantLossOfFunctionalityAn waring indicate that some functionality will be lost during saving to excel.
    UnsupportedMacrosThe specified marco isn't supported.
    UnsupportedRecordsThe specified record isn't supported in the current version
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