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    Product Overview
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    Spread WPF is a comprehensive spreadsheet component for WPF applications that combines grid capabilities and spreadsheet functionality. Cross-sheet referencing allows calculations to make use of data and formulas on a variety of sheets.

    The GcSpreadSheet component may be dropped on a WPF Form and customized for a range of applications. You can customize the appearance and the user interaction in a variety of ways. With a built-in Designer, you can quickly create a prototype or customize your finished design.

    Import and export capabilities provide another source of flexibility when developing and exchanging designs. Spread WPF can handle data from text files as well as multiple spreadsheets from Microsoft Excel files.

    The GcSpreadSheet control consists of a workbook that contains a collection of worksheets. The worksheet contains information about a sheet and has column header, row header, and viewport sections.

    GcSpreadSheet is a top level control that contains a workbook instance and a GcSpreadView instance. The workbook is used to manage the control state and the GcSpreadView is used to implement the UI behavior.

    The GcSpreadView object controls the layout and event handling.

    The GcSpreadView object contains the GcHeaderCornerViewport, GcColumnHeaderViewport, GcRowHeaderViewport, GcViewport, scrollbars, split box, split bar, and tabs.

    The GcSpreadView object displays a range of cells and contains a list of GcRows. GcRow contains a list of GcCells. The GcViewport object manages creating, caching, and displaying the GcRow objects.