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In This Topic
    Adding Pictures to the Sheet
    In This Topic

    You can add pictures or images to the sheet.

    You can move or resize the image by dragging with the mouse. Images can be selected by using the left mouse button. Multiple images can be selected with the Ctrl + Shift keys plus the left mouse button. You can also use the Tab or Shift + Tab keys to select an image if there are multiple images. Standard cut, copy, and paste keys also work with images.

    Images can be exported or imported to XLSX or XML files.

    Use the AddPicture method to add images.

    Using Code

    The following code uses the AddPicture method to add the image.

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    gcSpreadSheet1.Sheets[0].AddPicture("png", new Uri("C:\\artwork\\chartarea.png"));
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    GcSpreadSheet1.Sheets(0).AddPicture("png", new Uri("C:\artwork\chartarea.png"))
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