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    Providing a Print Preview
    In This Topic

    You can preview the printed pages in a dialog. The Preview dialog allows you to zoom, display the entire page, or display multiple pages.

    Preview dialog

    The Preview dialog has the following options:

    Option Description
    Zoom out or in Zoom the preview
    100% Preview the page in the original size
    Page Width Fit the page width to the largest viewport
    Whole Page Preview and scale the page to make the the full page fit in the viewport
    Two Pages Preview two pages in the viewport

    Use the PrintPreview method to display the Preview dialog.

    Using Code

    This example sets the print properties and previews the sheet.

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    GcSpreadSheet1.SheetCount = 3;
    GcSpreadSheet1.Sheets[0].SetText(0, 0, "test");
    GcSpreadSheet1.Sheets[1].SetText(0, 0, "Page test");
    GcSpreadSheet1.Sheets[2].SetText(0, 0, "Page 3 test");
    GrapeCity.Windows.SpreadSheet.Data.PrintInfo printset = new GrapeCity.Windows.SpreadSheet.Data.PrintInfo();
    printset.ShowBorder = true;
    printset.ShowColumnHeader = GrapeCity.Windows.SpreadSheet.Data.VisibilityType.Show;
    printset.ShowRowHeader = GrapeCity.Windows.SpreadSheet.Data.VisibilityType.Show;
    printset.ShowGridLine = true;
    printset.FooterCenter = "This is Page &P";
    GcSpreadSheet1.Sheets[0].PrintInfo = printset;          
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    GcSpreadSheet1.SheetCount = 3
    GcSpreadSheet1.Sheets(0).SetText(0, 0, "test")
    GcSpreadSheet1.Sheets(1).SetText(0, 0, "Page test")
    GcSpreadSheet1.Sheets(2).SetText(0, 0, "Page 3 test")
    Dim printset As New GrapeCity.Windows.SpreadSheet.Data.PrintInfo()
    printset.ShowBorder = True
    printset.ShowColumnHeader = GrapeCity.Windows.SpreadSheet.Data.VisibilityType.Show
    printset.ShowRowHeader = GrapeCity.Windows.SpreadSheet.Data.VisibilityType.Show
    printset.ShowGridLine = True
    printset.FooterCenter = "This is Page &P"
    GcSpreadSheet1.Sheets(0).PrintInfo = printset
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