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    Following are the breaking changes for Filter.

    AlternativeRow Color In Spread for WinForms 11, NullBackColor and NullForeColor are not included in the logic of Color Filter. Now, it belongs to appearance view.
    MultiValuesFilterItem In Spread for WinForms 11, when MultivaluesFilterItem is applied both with Date FilterItem and Text FilterItem, if a value in a cell doesn’t match with Date FilterItem, it would also won't match with Text FilterItem, hence, ensuring increased similarity to Excel. (Text FilterItem considers space (“ “) as character)
    Filter Columns

    In Spread for WinForms 10, while filtering any column, columns with active filter were not filtered.
    In Spread for WinForms 11, all columns that have active filter are re-filtered, ensuring that all correct data is always filtered.


    Spread for WinForms 11 doesn't ignore the filter result of CustomFilterItem and Top10Filter Item logic, which means that, the filter result will include the cells that have valid data and these cells will be set with TextCellType.PasswordChar.


    public int Add(FilterColumnDefinition fcd) In Spread for WinForms 10, when FilterColumnDefinition was added into FilterColumnDefinitionCollection, the new item was added at last of the collection.
    In Spread for WinForms 11, the new item is added at an appropriate position, satisfying the sorted collection by increasing the column index.
    MoveFilters(int fromRow, int fromColumn, int toRow, int toColumn, int rowCount, int columnCount) This function is obsolete now.
    void AddFilteredOutRow(int rowIndex) This function is obsolete now.

    Overlapping filter cell range

    In Spread for WinForms 10, the table could have the cell range which overlapped a column of row filter.
    In Spread for WinForms 11, this behavior is similar to Excel. After the row filter is created, if you try to add a table which overlaps that filter's range, an error will be thrown. (But other ranges which do not overlap the filter's range can have the tables applied)

    Filter columns by Color

    In Spread for WinForms 10, the user could select the default color from the color filter.
    In Spread for WinForms 11, the behavior of color filter is different (similar to Excel). The user can implement the following code in order to set the default color for columns.

    FpSpread1.ActiveSheet.Columns(0, FpSpread1.ActiveSheet.ColumnCount -1).ForeColor = SystemColors.WindowText

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