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    Spread for WinForms Installation
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    Notes for Users of Previous Versions

    Install Instructions

    To install Spread.NET,

    1. Run the GcInstaller.exe program.
    2. Select Options.
    3. Accept or change the installation location in the General tab.
    4. Close the Options dialog.
    5. Read and accept the End User License Agreement.
    6. Select the components to install and then select Install.

    Offline Install Instructions

    To install Spread for WinForms in offline mode,

    1. Save the downloaded ZIP file to a temporary directory on your system, and then unzip the files to C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Local\GcInstaller\Offline.
    2. Run GcInstaller.exe.
    3. Select Options.
    4. If Offline is not selected by default, select the Mode tab and change the mode to Offline.
    5. Accept or change the installation location in the General tab.
    6. Close the Options dialog.
    7. Read and accept the End User License Agreement.
    8. Select the components to install and then select Install.



    You can activate the product using any one of the following ways:

    1. Activate using GrapeCity License Manager (GCLM)
    2. Activate using Visual Studio
    3. Offline Activation using GCLM

    Activate using Grapecity License Manager (GCLM)

    1. After installation, navigate to C:\ProgramData\GrapeCity\gclm on your machine and double click gclm.exe. Click 'Activate'.

    2. Enter the license key and click 'Activate'.

    3. Click Ok.

    Note: Use gclm to deactivate the license before moving the license to another machine. Open gclm located in C:\ProgramData\GrapeCity\gclm and click 'Deactivate'.


    Activate using Visual Studio

    If you are trying to activate the product package installed from the NuGet Package Manager in Visual Studio, follow the steps mentioned below:

    1. Create a project in Visual Studio.
    2. Open NuGet Package Manager and install the product package from nuget.org
    3. Build the project in Visual Studio. You will see a popup window during build.
    4. Click on "Run the License Manager" in the popup window to launch the GrapeCity License Manager app.

    5. Click the "Activate" link for the product in the window, and type your serial key.

    6. After clicking the "Activate" button, License Manager App will connect to our website. If successful, you will see the result:

    7. After closing the License Manager window, Visual Studio will continue the build.


    Offline Activation using GCLM

    If the target machine cannot access the internet, but there is another machine that could access the sa2 website via web browser, you could activate a normal developer license in offline mode.

    1. Run the gclm.exe from "C:\ProgramData\GrapeCity\gclm" and try to activate a serial key without network access. Our tool will display the following error on the window.

    2. Click on the "Offline Activate" button to access the offline activation window.

    3. Copy the contents of "Activation Key" to another machine which could access the sa2 site.
    4. On that machine, access https://sa2.grapecity.com/activate and paste the copied Activation key.
    5. Click "Activate" button to generate the license data.
    6. Save the license data from the webpage, and copy them back to the original machine.
    7. Paste the license data into the offline activation page of the gclm.exe, then the license is activated.

    The deactivation steps are similar to activation, so you need to copy the "Deactivation Key" to the sa2 site to release the usage of the activation key.

    Adding the Component to the Toolbox

    If the Spread component is not displayed in the Toolbox, follow the procedure for Adding the Component to the Toolbox.

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