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    Spread for WinForms Installed Files
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    By default, Spread for WinForms installs the following files to the program files directory on your system:

    Install Directory File Description
    \GrapeCity\Spread.NET 15 - Company directory for installed products
    \GrapeCity\Spread.NET 15\Common - Directory for files common to GrapeCity products
    \GrapeCity\Spread.NET 15\Docs\Common - Documentation files for the Formula Reference

    Spread for WinForms files:

    Install Directory File Description
    \GrapeCity\Spread.NET 15\Docs\Windows Forms - Documentation files for Spread for WinForms
    \GrapeCity\Spread.NET 15\Windows Forms\ - Product directory
        \v15.x\Bin - Product files
      FarPoint.CalcEngine.dll Formula assembly (For Backward Compatibility)
      FarPoint.Excel.dll Excel file compatibility assembly
      FarPoint.PDF.dll Spread PDF assembly
      FarPoint.PluginCalendar.WinForms.dll Calendar control assembly
      FarPoint.Win.dll Base Windows Forms assembly
      FarPoint.Win.Chart.dll Spread Chart Windows Forms control assembly
      FarPoint.Win.Chart.Design.dll Spread Chart Designer assembly
      FarPoint.Win.Design.dll Base Windows Forms design assembly
      FarPoint.Win.Spread.dll Spread control assembly
      FarPoint.Win.Spread.Design.dll Spread designer assembly
      FarPoint.Win.Spread.Html.dll Spread control assembly for exporting to HTML
      FarPoint.Win.Ink.dll Spread Ink assembly
      FarPoint.Win.TextRenderer.dll Spread Text Renderer assembly
      FarPoint.Localization.dll Localized resource assembly for Chinese and English
      GrapeCity.CalcEngine.dll Formula assembly
      GrapeCity.Spreadsheet.dll Spreadsheet core engine assembly
      GrapeCity.Spreadsheet.Win.dll Spreadsheet integration assembly
      GrapeCity.Win.PluginInputMan.Design.dll Input Man Designer assembly
      GrapeCity.Win.PluginInputMan.dll Input Man assembly


    Spread Windows policy files


    Spread policy files


    Spread Windows policy files for Chart


    Spreadsheet policy files
      FarPoint.SpreadDesigner.exe Spread Designer executable
      FarPoint.SpreadDesignerAnyCPU.exe Spread Designer executable for x64 and other environments
      SpWinREDIST.msm Merge module for redistributing a project using Spread for WinForms
      ExcelCompatibility.imp Load key map API
      XML files Text for IntelliSense support in Visual Studio .NET
       \Localization Resource folders and files Satellite language assemblies
        \v15.x\Skins - Directory for user-created sheet skins
        \v15.x\ChartXml - Chart sample files
        \v15.x.x\SampleExplorer - Sample project files
        \v15.x.x\Samples - Sample project files


    The Spread for WinForms controls are shared assemblies; therefore, these DLLs are also added to the global assembly cache (GAC) during installation. The FarPoint.Win.Spread.Design.dll (the Spread Designer assembly) and FarPoint.Win.Ink.dll are also added to the GAC. The FarPoint.Win.TextRenderer.dll is not installed to the GAC. Add this DLL as a project reference in order to use it with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 or later.

    If you want to take advantage of the ink capabilities of Spread Win, you will need to install the runtime components of the Microsoft Tablet PC SDK. The FarPoint.Win.Ink assembly is currently built with version 1.7 of the Microsoft Tablet PC SDK.

    For more information about the satellite language assemblies, see Resource Assemblies.

    Special thanks to the SharpDevelop Team for allowing us to use the SharpZipLib file compression library. You may download the modified SharpZipLib source code used in the Spread Excel assembly for xlsx file compression from GrapeCity.

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