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    Resource Assemblies
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    You can place resources for different languages using satellite assemblies. The assembly is then loaded in memory if the user views the application in that language. The resources must be placed in specific locations so they can be located and used. If the resource cannot be found, the default resource is used.

    Use the following steps to add a language resource:

    1. Find the resources in the localization folder under the installed bin folder (for example, ko-KR).
    2. Copy the folder to the bin folder of the application or install to the GAC.
    3. Set the current UI culture to the language (for example, Korean) using the following code. System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = new CultureInfo("ko-KR")

    If you wish to use the resource at design time, install the satellite assemblies to the GAC and select the language in Visual Studio.NET.

    The stand-alone designer uses the resources in the GAC if the operating system and the GAC resources use the same language. If the language is different, the default resource is applied (English).