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    Manually Upgrading Visual Studio .NET Products
    In This Topic

    When you install Spread for ASP.NET and you have used previous versions of the product and you wish to use a binary update or prevent verbose information, you might need to update Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and your existing projects, as explained in this topic.

    To upgrade your existing VS.NET projects

    For existing projects, add the new FpSpread assemblies. To do so, follow these instructions:

    1. Open the project in VS.NET and close all the open forms.
    2. Open the Solution Explorer (Ctrl+Alt+L).
    3. Open the References node and delete old references of Farpoint assemblies.
    4. Add new fpSpread references of version you want to upgrade.
    5. Open licenses.licx file and update the version of "FarPoint.Web.Spread.FpSpread" to latest targeted version.

      Note: In the below steps, replace the <oldversion> and <newversion> tags to use the old (existing) and latest target assembly versions of the Spread for ASP.NET referenced in your project.

    6. Add the following information to Web.config, to prevent verbose information such as "Version=<newversion>, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=327c3516b1b18457". Existing pages are not affected.
      <assemblyBinding xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1">
      <assemblyIdentity name="FarPoint.Web.Spread" publicKeyToken="327c3516b1b18457" />
      <bindingRedirect oldVersion="<oldversion>" newVersion="<newversion>" />
    7. Furthermore, add the following lines into the <pages><controls> section in your Web.config <pages>
      <add tagPrefix="FarPoint" namespace="FarPoint.Web.Spread" assembly ="FarPoint.Web.Spread, Version=<newversion>, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=327c3516b1b18457"/>
      <add tagPrefix="FarPoint" namespace="FarPoint.Web.Chart" assembly ="FarPoint.Web.Chart, Version=<newversion>, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=327c3516b1b18457"/>
    8. Rebuild and run the application.

    Remember to make a backup of all your projects before upgrading. Once you have followed these instructions and upgraded the projects, and saved it in the new version, you cannot go back and open it in the old version. This restriction applies only to files that have a control on a form that had changes at design time that required writing objects to the RESX file.


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