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FarPoint.Web.Chart Assembly / FarPoint.Web.Chart Namespace / PlotAreaCollection Class / InsertRange Method
Index at which items should be inserted.
Array of plot areas.

In This Topic
    InsertRange Method (PlotAreaCollection)
    In This Topic
    Inserts an array of plot areas into the collection at the specified index.
    Public Sub InsertRange( _
       ByVal index As Integer, _
       ByVal items() As PlotArea _
    Dim instance As PlotAreaCollection
    Dim index As Integer
    Dim items() As PlotArea
    instance.InsertRange(index, items)
    public void InsertRange( 
       int index,
       PlotArea[] items


    Index at which items should be inserted.
    Array of plot areas.
    items is a null reference (Nothing in VB) or some items[i] is a null reference (Nothing is VB).
    The function fires a list changed event with the old index the index at which to start adding, and the new index is the index of the last added element.
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